Glad I did it!

I am so glad that I participated in “The 100 Day Project” as the project impacted me in many ways. First of all, it helped me get through the unforgettable winter we just experienced. I had a purpose to work in the studio every day and once there I forgot about what was happening outside. It is hard to be inspired and depressed at the same time! After one hundred days I have formed a habit of going to the studio every day, if only for a few minutes, feel funny if I don’t. I now look at everything with fresh eyes as to its texture potential. Hmm, I wonder if cat fur… It is fun to look everywhere, the basement, garage, inside and outside the house. Who knew all the cool stuff my husband had in the garage! Best of all, I have a valuable resource of texture samples that I can incorporate into my designs. I plan to continue exploring metal textures and recording the process with a binder of samples and photographs and notes in my journal. The difference is now I will do that whenever I get a new idea, not every day. Thank you for organizing “The 100 Day Project”.

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    Wow, did you ever hit a vein of gold! A new habit of getting into the studio; a resource of texture samples; an activity that got you through the long winter; discovering cool stuff in your husband’s garage stash. All so rich. Congratulations, Charon!

    Thanks so much for sharing your project impact with us. It was a gift to read.

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