Tada! Finished, but not…

Finished “The 100 Day Project” with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. But I plan to continue adding additional metal texture experiments to my binder as I think of them. Day 91:Used a brass hammer to texture the copper piece laid on the second side of the file I used on Day 90; Day 92: Used a brass hammer to texture the copper piece laid on our deck, very little texture; Day 93: Rolled a brass safety chain through the rolling mill, too thick, threw the rolling mill out of alignment, fixable, won’t do that again!; Day 94: Used a brass hammer to texture the copper piece on a piece of masonite, hardly any texture; Day 95: Ran a feather through the rolling mill, one time use, left a faint texture and picked up texture from previous brass safety chain sample I used as a backing plate; Day 96: Used a chasing hammer and a chasing tool, held the chasing tool slightly above the copper piece as I struck with chasing hammer, lots of versatility to make different patterns, will use again; Day 97: Ran a drywall sanding screen through the rolling mill; Day 98: Applied sticky-back canvas stickers to copper piece and ran through rolling mill, one time use, good texture, hard to get smushed stickers off copper afterwards; Day 99: Hammered copper piece on concrete at Upper Harbor marina; Day 100: Hammered copper piece on water shut-off valve cover at Upper Harbor marina.

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    Hi Charon, congratulations on completing your 100 day project! I have really enjoyed seeing the diversity of textures you experimented with. Very inspirational to me as I’m a texture lover myself.

    I also enjoyed reading what you had to say in the May issue of the Marquette Monthly about The100DayProject. Gratifying to know that, as a professional jeweler and artist, you got so much out of experience and the process. That’s awesome!

  2. Charon Porter says:

    Thanks, Ann!

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