Just rollin along

I’ve found a rhythm since I’m just using the rolling mill now. Pieces are ready, I roll them through the mill, patina and I’m done in a short time. Since I pretty much have a handle on the rolling mill, I’m going to try etching the metal next for texture. Reading up on the different methods, lots of choices.
Day 51- Swirly, fiberous, hand-made paper, love it, one time use; Day 52- Brass texture plate; Day 53- Brass texture plate; Day 54- Brass texture plate; Day 55- Brass texture plate; Day 56- Brass texture plate; Day 57- Brass wire, can be manipulated into any shape; Day 58- Gauze, one time use; Day 59- steel ornament; Day 60- Cut-up old, lace curtain, one time use.

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    Hi Charon, more intriguing textures! Especially enjoy the lace curtain image. Thanks for sharing them with us! Best, Ann

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