My spine is to create Spirit Flags (Peace Flags or Prayer Flags) during the 100 day Project. Since my last project I did one image per day and I felt very stressed by that rule… This time I plan on working daily, but not needing to get 100 flags completed. I will aim for about 50, but even that number is allowed to vary. Some days I may complete multiple flags, some days I may start one or two. Whatever will be, will be. I’d like this journey to be meditative to a point while still pushing me through the process. This medium is new to me, so I will allow myself to experiment, play and discover without overly stressing. Seems only appropriate since they are Spirit Flags after all.

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    Hi Joy, am enjoying seeing your spirit flags here. Cool that you’re giving yourself permission of working daily without the pressure of producing a certain number of flags in the 100 days.

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