On to the rolling mill

After experimenting with my Cuttlebug folders in the Cuttlebug machine, I tried using other objects and found only the folders work in the Cuttlebug machine. So on to the rolling mill which can apply more pressure. Pieces 31 through 34 are the last pieces using Cuttlebug folders. Rolling mill: thirty-five used two brass rings. Thirty-six and thirty-seven used brass texture plates.Thirty-eight a piece of brass furnace vent we used behind a gas stove (next time use more pressure to make deeper impression) . Thirty-nine a piece of book cloth and forty was 1/4 inch hardware cloth. The book cloth is a one-time use because it gets flattened but the rest can be used over and over. Can’t believe it’s day 42 already!

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    More intriguing textures, Charon! Love all the experimenting you’re doing with your project.

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