Bonding With The Landscape

The process is developing as each piece is created. My goal has been to practice every day and learn more about structure and color as it is applied to the neo-tropical warblers and their breeding environment. I worked to Asaf Avidan’s new album, DIFFERENT PULSES. The energy from his work helped me overcome the difficulty I experienced creating the Nuthatch-like pose of this Black and White Warbler on a lichen covered Sugar Maple tree. I used a photo I took at Presque Isle for the tree. The warbler was sketched after a photo by Sue from her blog, Backyard Biologist. With this piece, I learned that I like a more stylized look rather than a “realistic painting” (e.g., Stippling on bark indentations, pen/ink exclusively on the warbler). The Black and White Warbler is really this striking and distinct.

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  1. Charon Porter says:

    I love your series!

  2. says:

    This is beautiful, Raven! 3-D looking.

  3. Raven says:

    Charon and Ann, your feedback is appreciated! With this last piece, the Black and White Warbler, I’ve been experimenting with light and angles using my camera. The impact on the sketch is interesting. I’ll post one.

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