Tips for Creating Spines








Tips for Creating Spines


Some questions/ideas to consider for a project Spine:

What would you THROUGHLY enjoy DOING for 100 days?

What project or idea has been sitting on the back shelf in your mind for far too long?

What skill do you want to grow?

What off the wall idea do you want to test drive?

What makes you come alive?

What’s calling you to come out and play?

Conjure…toss ideas around.
Play with several feasible ideas.
Run it past a good friend or two…in other words ‘SAY IT OUT LOUD’!
When you feel good about a direction…. BEGIN! TA DA!


Some questions to consider as you create rules for your project:

What materials will you be using?

What time of day will you work on your project?

What’s the minimum amount of time you’ll spend each day?

Where will you work?

How will you go about your project?

What is your contingency plan if you’ll be travelling during the 100 days?

How many pieces will you create during the 100 days?

What medium(s) will you be working in?

What will keep you motivated?



Craft an idea for a spine.





What are some rules that would support your Spine?