Loiusa Barkalow


“I have been making things my whole life. I love the simplest of materials. I am influenced by folk art from all over the world. Alexander Calder is a hero! My goal is to make art that is joyful and playful – I paint and I sculpt. I delight in the creative process since I basically I have no idea what will happen next!
“One project I plan to get back to is about heroes. I have been making paper bag luminaires of the faces of people like Gandhi and MLK. I put a tiny light in each one and hang them on my walls”.

Short video clip of Louisa’s work at The100DayProject exhibit at Peter White Public Library in November 2013:

My 100DayProject exploration:
“Each day is filled with many moments. My 100 day project is to visually capture one of those fleeting moments. I call them ‘momentitos”.


My Project Rules:




If I could tell people ONE thing about starting a 100 day project:
1. “Conjure…toss ideas around.
2. Play with several feasible ideas.
3. Run it past a good friend or two…in other words ‘SAY IT OUT LOUD’!
4. When you feel good about a direction…. BEGIN! TA DA! ”


Each artist was asked to respond to the same questions. Read what Louisa had to say:

What was it like to get started with your project?
“It was somewhat incidental. After discussing some 100 day project ideas with my artist group, I decided to go in my studio and “test drive” an idea – it had to be something I could create in a reasonable amount of time while THROUGHLY enjoying myself. I made with pure delight a “momentito” in almost no time. It was such a pleasure, I decided right then to OFFICIALLY BEGIN my 100 day project adventure!”

What suggestion would you offer to others about starting a 100 day project?
“When you feel good about a direction…. BEGIN! TA DA! You need not know where exactly you are going”.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with your 100 day project?
“I have a little gremlin living in my head that says making art is not of value when there is so much else to do in a challenged world. Before starting my 100 day project, I’d put off going into the studio until other fires were handled and other parts of my life were under control.

“My biggest challenge thus has been to get in my studio! Obviously I have other big priorities in my life!

“I am actually pleased with my progress. All along the way I committed to making my creative life a regular critical element of my life. I have come to realize that going in my studio is part of who I am. MY studio is now my refuge”.

Is there one suggestion about momentum that you can offer to others?
“Don’t ask what the world needs! Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go out and do it! Because the world needs people who have come ALIVE!”

What did you notice after you completed your 100 day project?
“Going into the studio has become a life habit!”