Diana Magnuson

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Diana Magnuson is a free-lance illustrator who resides in Marquette, Michigan.
She has illustrated over 90 children’s books for educational and trade publishers and lives near the shore of Lake Superior. She has provided numerous illustrations for Dungeons and Dragons as well as commercial work for The Wall Street Journal. Two of her illustrated children’s books, Trail of Tears and Home on the Range, are available as part of the Smithsonian Institute and Native American Museum libraries and bookstores.

Her emerging artistic style reflects the school of allegorical realism. She, along with her husband, are environmental activists and members of their local faith community.

Samples of her illustrations can found at Diana’s webpage

Short video clip of Diana’s work at The100DayProject exhibit at Peter White Public Library in November 2013:

My 100DayProject exploration:
Create a ‘Quilt’ or ‘Mosaic’.  Spend 100 days on a personal project; see what develops psychologically, in insights and in discipline.


My Project Rules:
Work in a grid format of 154 squares.  Experiment with textures and mediums.


Diana full project


If I could tell people ONE thing about starting a 100 day project:
“When beginning a 100Day Project do ‘hands-on’ everyday. Don’t just gather articles, reflect, mull things over. Hands-on keeps a better focus.”


Each artist was asked to respond to the same questions. Read what Diana had to say:

What was it like starting your 100 day project?
“Getting started for me was… about focusing initially.”

What suggestion would you offer to others?
“Do hands-on everyday. 
Don’t just gather articles, reflect, mull things over. Hands-on keeps a better focus. I saw this at the end of my first 100 day project and started over. Visualizing, contemplating and reading are fine, but hands-on gives much better fruition/progress.