Blue Moons

As I was cutting these shapes I was struck by the blue spheres. A “blue moon” is a rare occurrence, but for this Collorage artistic license allows me multiple blue moons. 🙂 Read more »

Spirit Flags

Well, At least I finally figured out how to post! My spirit flags have been working through some issue… sewing issues. I have not sewn in awhile and my machine was acting up. This caused a delay in progress. I did however continue with sketches and plans while I tinkered […] Read more »

On to the rolling mill

After experimenting with my Cuttlebug folders in the Cuttlebug machine, I tried using other objects and found only the folders work in the Cuttlebug machine. So on to the rolling mill which can apply more pressure. Pieces 31 through 34 are the last pieces using Cuttlebug folders. Rolling mill: thirty-five […] Read more »

Bonding With The Landscape

The process is developing as each piece is created. My goal has been to practice every day and learn more about structure and color as it is applied to the neo-tropical warblers and their breeding environment. I worked to Asaf Avidan’s new album, DIFFERENT PULSES. The energy from his work […] Read more »

The “Not so fun” stuff

I love playing around with the different metal textures and seeing them show up in my jewelry. But I procrastinate with the “Not so fun” stuff. I don’t mind annealing each piece of copper because I like to hear the hiss when I quench the hot metal in water. But […] Read more »

Success in Game Design

This is a very exciting month! Evolve!, the game that I’ve devoted my 100-Day Project to illustrating, did very well in the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization’s yearly game design contest. This resource and evolution game took first place in the Education category for its scientifically accurate content and modeling, and second […] Read more »