First few flags

I enjoyed working on a different media… I thought I had made decisions on details of my work, but as I am creating these I realize I have to think through this material more and then proceed. Still hoping to have 50 flags… But know that may be a challenge, […] Read more »

Weeks two and three!

Week two and three consisted of pen doodles, charcoal birch trees, and another graphite silhouette drawing but this time with the silhouette of the upper peninsula! An aluminum can and spray paint sculpture, and the start to the wire sculpture. The finished version of week ones watercolor and a new […] Read more »

Bonding With The Landscape

I’ve decided to continue with sketching/painting the neo-tropical wood warblers for this 100-Day Project series. By staying with the warbler form, I’ve noticed improvements in both the sketch and the watercolor. I’m using my own photographs and Jim Flynn’s from Chris G. Earley’s , WARBLERS OF CANADA. I also consult […] Read more »

It worked!

I was curious about using some embossing and etching dies I had. The first nine dies are meant for metal. I liked the embossing but not the etching dies. I ran them through a Cuttlebug machine (meant to be used for embossing paper for greeting cards) and they worked. I […] Read more »

The Mystery of the Missing Socks

My world of the Mystery of the Missing Socks is growing with many characters. Soon I will begin grouping them and building conversation poems between them. This is the princess. There is now a royal family: the king, the queen, the prince and the princess. Read more »

Of Mice and Oxpeckers

This card illustration came together in a single sitting. I’m really excited that this design work for the evolution and systems game Evolve! is giving me a chance to draw new animals. The red-billed oxpecker is a showy African native that moves with the migrating herds of ungulates. It lives […] Read more »