Point Pelee, Canada

Participation in the 100-Day Project has impacted me in several ways:
First, it confirmed a work style that I respond productively to…flexible structure, daily commitment, and incremental deadlines.
Second, it restored my enthusiasm for writing/illustrating the Bonding With The Landscape Series, which has been maturing for 20 years.
Third, it brought out peculiar illustrating strengths…detail and color…both critical to the overall design of the Series.
Fourth, it prompted Michael and I to schedule a birding trip to Point Pelee, Canada, one of the planet’s great birding hot spots, to witness the Spring migration of birds (First trip w/o students in 20 yrs.) from May 14th.-19th. Forty of the approximately 263 species could be neo-tropical warblers.
It was an awesome experience!! Thank you 😉

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    Wow, Raven, such a cool thing to read about the impact the 100 day process had for you. Such rich discoveries! I celebrate that with you! I’ve found that 100 day projects are often transformational experiences for people. Would like to share some of your comments above in our other 100DayProject communications (i.e. newsletter, Facebook page). I think people will find it inspiring and motivational. Would that be OK?

    Your post was also eye opening for me about Point Pelee. I grew up in Detroit hearing a bit about that area but didn’t realize its importance as a birding sight until your post. Am eager to time a future visit to Detroit to catch one of the migrations. Thanks for sharing that with us.

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