In the home stretch – Day 90

Can’t believe it is day 90 and a beautiful day at that! Happy Easter! Day 81: Rolling mill, metal word “Hope”. Use more pressure next time, aluminum is really too soft to use in rolling mill; Day 82: Rolling mill, decorative leave, one time use, I was surprized at how much detail I got from such a delicate leaf; Day 83: Rolling mill, decorative soft metal keys, didn’t work well; Day 84: Used a cut-off disk in my flex-shaft, learning curve for control, I can see a lot of potential; Day 85: Used dapping punches in a dapping block; Day 86: Hammered old coins with brass hammer on steel block; Day 87: Taped washers to copper piece and hit with brass hammer on steel block; Day 88: Rolling mill, thread, I like it, who knew it would leave such a good texture?; Day 89: Hammered the copper piece, with brass hammer, on part of the deck, very little texture; Day 90: Hammered copper piece on old file with two textures on each side, first side.

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  1. says:

    More great textures, Charon. Am also enjoying reading your notes about the process and the discoveries. Am so curious about the impact your project may have on your regular work in the future. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

  2. Charon Porter says:

    Thank you Ann!

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