Bonding With The Landscape Series

I worked on the first four warbler illustrations from day 1-36 then switched to writing narrative for these neo-tropical wood warblers. It took awhile to get comfortable with the transition. When I started writing, I missed the music of illustrating (literally and figuratively). When I resumed illustrating on day 75 with the Magnolia and Canada Warblers, I couldn’t stop thinking about new narrative. I’m learning to appreciate and respect the balance necessary to accomplish my goal of illustrating and writing the Bonding With The Landscape Series.

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  1. Raven says:

    Correction: The first four illustrations were done from day 1-45 And from day 46-85 I worked on the narrative and the fifth illustration. There are 23 Neo-tropical Wood Warblers that nest in the UP.

    Note: I worked from photos for this fifth illustration: Magnolia Warbler (Setophaga magnolia) by Harold Stiver; Canada Warbler (Wilsonia canard ensues) by David Speiser

    The branch: Northern White Cedar (Thuja occidental is).

  2. says:

    Nice to see some of your illustrations, Raven. Thanks, too, for sharing some of your process with us with your comments about balance.

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