A few images/teasers

So I’ve been faithfully taking photographs and editing them, reflecting on them, and choosing my own words or writing reflections and/or poetry in response to the images. I have NOT gone back and seen if words have been repeated, however, I know that certain images have been (sunrise/sunset, self portraits, etc.). I’ve created a Facebook event for this project (for my own project, that is). I haven’t invited anyone to “attend” said event yet; I’m waiting until this coming Monday (April 14th).

I’m posting a few of the photographs here, and have been starting to look at the photos from the start of the project with a more discerning eye, trying to see if any of them are asking me to make them into more than a photo…a painting or hand-stitched piece or a mixed media piece.

I can’t wait to meet up with this support group and discuss the challenges and get some feedback.

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