The butterfly

On January 20th, the first day of the 100 Day Project, I discovered a butterfly in our apartment. What a good sign, for me, but not as inspiring for the butterfly(?) I thought of how butterfly images remind people of transformation during Dia de Los Muertos celebration in November. I thought of the lack of flowers to pollinate outside, but how the warm indoors offered this butterfly to exit it’s safe chrysalis. Some honey and water was offered, and I did see the butterfly drink from a droplet of water off of my finger the first day! A few days later, it was gone.

The photo with two profiles of my self, one being in papier mache, were taken in February. The paintings on the wall are from two best friends who live far away…..

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    What an intriguing story! I also see a third profile in your image here — the shadow in the wall.

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    on the wall.

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