Arter Intro, Intro to Arter

I have proposed to shoot self portraits with cameras. I will often be holding a sign that reads:
“look at me, I’m an artist”. This is a personal experiment in identity as an artist or creative person.
Being new to the U.P., I will want to include outdoor surroundings, as I am inspired by this new

My rules (if I remember them correctly) are to spend at least 17mins a day on the project.
So far, I have discovered new angles on the idea, as I see other arters do as well.

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  1. says:

    Hi Thane, welcome to the UP! Intriguing project idea. Eager to see more of your 100 day project work here in the gallery. Cheers, Ann

  2. says:

    Hi Thane, more fruit please! 🙂

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