Halfway through!

Day fifty and I am enjoying the process. In the studio every day and still coming up with more ideas to texture metal which is funny because I thought I would run out of ideas to fill 100 days! Wish we could put up more than one picture because I would like to show the objects I used to make the textures not just the finished piece.
Day 41- nylon window screen; Day 42- perforated paper, one-time use, next time would press harder to make deeper impression; Day 43- metal window screen; Day 44- Brass rings I used in Cuttlebug machine, didn’t do any better in rolling mill, didn’t get the inner lines; Day 45- brass texture plate,like this design but won’t use patina next time, dulls the design; Day 46- canvas, one time use; Day 47- damask cloth, one time use, doesn’t get all the pattern; Day 48- fabric placemat, doesn’t get all the pattern, one time use. Won’t use fabric other than canvas and book cloth at this point; Day 49- plastic placemat, one time use, hardly left an impression; Day 50- plastic dog dish mat with swirly design, very soft and thick, left no impression. Apparently, soft plastic will not leave an impression like the harder plastic in my Cuttlebug folders.

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  1. ann.russ23@gmail.com says:

    Loving the textures you’re getting, Charon! Especially enjoy the first three in this grouping — am biased towards grid patterns. You’re experimentation is inspiring.

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