The Puppets Cast of Characters is Complete

30 Days and 30 unique sock puppets, actually more because I counted the aliens as 1. From day 31 on, I will be group the puppets and writing magnetic poetry to build the plot line of the story of the missing socks. The biggest obstacle is the limitation of the magnetic poetry words. I really have to stretch my brain to find a way to say what I want to say with a limited number of words. Below is one of the characters from days 21 through 30: The Diva.

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  1. says:

    Eager to read what you come up with for a story with this colorful cast of characters!

  2. Charon Porter says:

    Janeen, I was at Office Max yesterday and saw Avery (3270), 8 1/2″ x 11″, printable magnet sheets. There are 5 sheets to a package for $14.49. If the printable magnet sheets don’t fit through your printer you could write on them with a Sharpie and cut them up. Then the sock puppets wouldn’t have a limit to what they wanted to say!

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