“Something Wicked this way comes…” A hectic piece #30

This piece has been the most fun headache I have ever created.
First I applied all the pen & ink work as I would my normal works I create.
Now I am applying all the simple watercolor washes throughout the piece in preparation of the Scratch Art portion of this piece.

As for Republic Arts Council “Mining the Arts” Festival the members continue to set up vendors, musicians and other entertainment.
The Township has been so helpful. We will have Main street closed along with connected side streets so everyone can walk freely without fear of vehicles. The few local businesses are readying themselves.
My biggest fear is the Artists and Craftpersons showing up.
These past 30 days of The 100 Day Project have been the busiest of my life and I know will get more and more hectic.
God help us 🙂

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  1. Charon Porter says:

    Loving how this piece is developing, it draws you into the story.

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