Spine & rules & more

Spine: For 100 days, I’ll be exploring the relationship between our surroundings and the words we use to describe them. One image created daily (photographs to start), with at least 10 minutes spent at the end of each day reflecting on the image & choosing a single word to describe the image.

The second part of this project comes in the form of exploring these images & words through social media, and as such, I am looking for people who will view my images and come up with their own words as descriptors. These reflections from others will be brought together for presentation in form of infographics. Certain images will also be rendered in fiber (hand embroidery) and displayed alongside photo prints.

My goal is to be able to recognize patterns in 1)the images I’m drawn to recording in my daily life; 2) the words I use to describe these images; and 3) the words “outsiders” would use to describe the images from my life.



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