Touching the sacred- day 13

Day 13- Sunday 2/2/14

Silent meditation during church service today- reflecting on stillness and how for me it’s so much easier to touch the sacred when I’m outside in nature alone. But what about when it’s hectic and I’m busy rushing about? At work, with others? As the saying goes, “It’s easy to be a holy man on the mountaintop, but not so easy in the marketplace.”

Listened to song, taking about “right beneath your eyes, right in your own backyard.” Reminded me of Gangaji, Diamond in Your Pocket story about how the treasure we seek for everywhere is in our own pocket. Or the story about the “treasure being buried in our own backyard.” Is it possible that this is also true regarding the nurturing rapport with sacred? My 100 day exploration is about touching the sacred- is it possible that the portal to that, ability to do it, invoke it, bathe in it, is always with me, in my pocket, in my own backyard, even when I’m in the “marketplace”?

I love this quote:
“For many years, at great cost, I traveled through many countries, saw the high mountains, the oceans. The only things I did not see were the sparkling dewdrops in the grass just outside my door.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Fortunately there is more to this day than musing- I spent the last daylight near sunset outside snowshoeing- stillness, body working hard in deep snow, in awe of the beauty, light, and nature. “Thank you. I am here.”

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