At the starting gate!

Refined Spine:
-touch the holy everyday; “daily nurturing rapport with the sacred” (phrase from Carolyn Myss)

-explore “this”- touching the holy- without destroying the mystery of it. Some things are best not approached with thought or words. What magical, mystical, Graceful elements are present? What common elements? What [things/settings/experiences/mindsets/etc.] serve as portals, catalysts?

-with a light touch, investigate how to invite “this” more often, and investigate what circumstances make this likely. Investigate what circumstances make it unlikely or prevent or displace it.

[Why include a picture of our goofy beagle Ellie for this post? Although I am just starting out on this 100-day exploration, I know that one portal to a deeper experience is our beagle Ellie- being fully present with her and her life energy when she tucks in next to me and wants to be petted. More on this later.]

Invite and explore this every day; document it with a few words, a sketch, a picture, or combination thereof.
Since experiencing these moments for me constitute a “successful” life, then exploring them should be at least as important as work, eating, sleeping, etc. The “dividends” it pays are both in and out of this world- literally! [Jim Morrison- “No one gets out alive”- my addendum: “but some get free.”]

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